Modernisation of the light industry is the focus of the Inlegmash 2021 conference

02 / 03 / 2021

On the final day of the first Inlegmash 2021 International Industry Conference, held within Russian Textile Week at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, the industry experts focused on the issues of modern technological equipment for domestic enterprises of the textile and garment industry. 

During the second part of the conference, thematic sessions, seminars and round tables were held. They were devoted to modernisation of the industry, state support measures, customs clearance of industry equipment, optimisation of taxation, analysis of Russian bast raw materials market, development and creation of new productions, CAD systems for the light industry, automation of processes in garment production, new equipment and technologies. 

In particular, according to Evgeny Rumyantsev, Rector of the Ivanovo State Polytechnic University (Ivanovo), the moderator of the workshop "Supporting Modernisation and Development of the Industry" held within the framework of the conference, the industry has started modernising in recent years due to the measures of state support. For example, about 60% of the enterprises of the light industry in Ivanovo oblast have been modernized due to the measures of state support. Nevertheless, there are "global" industry problems. The problem of raw materials is not resolved. There are questions in the area of technology. Also of concern is the problem of staffing of the industry business, he said. 

Speaking about sectoral support for the light industry through the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Alexander Kokoev, Deputy Director of the Department of Light Industry and Timber Industry, said that last year the total amount of support was about 2.6 billion roubles. Particularly significant funds totaling 1.3 billion roubles were allocated in the form of leasing subsidies for technological re-equipment of enterprises. 

In turn, Maria Krasavina, a representative of the Industry Development Fund, singled out one of the most popular programmes for financial support to enterprises - the Development Project programme. This programme of the IDF is aimed at creating or upgrading industrial enterprises whose products will ensure import substitution or the use of the best available technologies within the framework of project implementation. The possible amount of funding under the programme ranges from 50 million to 500 million roubles, with a loan term of up to five years and a grace period of up to three years. 

Such programmes and support measures, according to industry experts, are of particular importance today, since in our country the share of banks, which occupy about 80% of the entire financial market, invest in fixed capital and enterprise development is less than 10%. In particular, Vladimir Gamza, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Council for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy, drew attention to this. In his opinion, it is important to use such tools as project finance, crowdfunding, marketplace. 

During the Inlegmash 2021 International Industry Conference, industry professionals also exchanged experience, discussed the status and prospects of the textile and apparel machinery market, the effectiveness of technological solutions for the industry and many other issues. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO