Feedback of participants and visitors

04 / 03 / 2021

Sergey Katyrin, President at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- Exhibitions will be hybrid: not just offline, but kind of mixed, where there is an opportunity to present something online and see something in person. We have no doubt that the exhibition industry will grow, and that EXPOCENTRE will make a great contribution to this growth. This company hosted about 100 trade shows a year before the pandemic. Almost all of them are international, which shows interest in Russia, in the opportunities we offer, and in our market. These trade shows also provide an opportunity to look at the achievements of our foreign colleagues, partners, and competitors.

The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry spares no efforts to make sure that a law on exhibition relating activities comes into being, and that the exhibition business grows in the Russian regions, and exhibition venues are being built there. Unfortunately, Russia doesnt have a lot of exhibition venues right now. It means that there is a lot of room for this business to grow. As of today, the largest venue both in terms of quantity and quality of trade shows is EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. 

Andrey Razbrodin, President at the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry

- EXPOCENTRE has opened Russian Textile Week. It features three exhibitions: Inlegmash, Interfabric, and Textile&Home. These are the industry's first exhibitions after another pandemic lockdown. I hope that these exhibitions will contribute not only to the industrys development and the fight against the pandemic, but also to the overall consistent work that is ahead of us, and that we plan to do despite the difficulties. We would like to encourage the participants to re-establish all of their previous contacts, some of which have been disrupted by the pandemic, and to make new ones. That is what exhibitions are for. It is clear that any crisis is not only a problem but also a window of opportunity. I wish participants to find these opportunities, transform themselves in the current conditions, and enter a new growth path.

Vladimir Gamza, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy

- The diversity of exhibits at Inlegmash is literally dazzling. The participants have a unique opportunity to find partners in this diversity, take on board the ideas presented here, and apply new technologies in their work. I would like to wish everybody every success.

Andrey Makachev, President, SMART-T Group

- These days we have two reasons to be happy. First, it is the opening of Inlegmash, and second, we are introducing a new format at the exhibition the Digital Factory which is a prototype of an operating digital textile company. We approached the Inlegmash management with this idea. We are very happy that they have responded with great enthusiasm and supported us. For the first time in the history of Russian exhibitions we are able to present such a format, which allows you to see a whole picture of textile digital production from design and printing to cutting and sewing of garments. We reveal specifics of every step.

Maksim Vaynores, Business Development Director, HAMCORE

- This is our first time at Inlegmash. We are pleasantly surprised by its scale. The show is big. There are a lot of exhibitors. There are many visitors from different Russian regions including remote ones such as Irkutsk and Khabarovsk, which cant really be found at other trade shows. The visitors are professionals. They know what they want, they are looking for specific solutions, and they find something new for themselves. There are a lot of different solutions at the show. The selection is very large.

We are showing Russian-made equipment. We are both manufacturers and developers, who are still at the very beginning. We present flatbed printers for direct printing on natural fabrics. Visitors from different regions show great interest in them. I think that the show will give us an increase in sales and geographical expansion of the users of our products.

Yury Efremov, CEO, Textile & Technology

- We are a regular participant in Inlegmash. We like this exhibition because it allows us to network with our clients, especially ones from remote regions, and to show the equipment that we represent in Russia. This year, our company introduces a full line of Epson dye-sublimation equipment starting from the smallest F500 printer to the biggest F9400H printer equipped with fluorescent ink, which is especially demanded for printing sportswear and some fashion fabrics.

During the exhibition, thanks to the organisers, we are holding a presentation of Epson equipment with a demonstration of printing on various fabrics. After the second exhibition day, we are satisfied with the number of visitors. We thought there would be fewer people. But we don't even have time to serve all our clients right now. This year, the exhibition moved to a new pavilion, which we like very much. It's high and light. It has comfortable entrances. As a whole, the exhibition makes a very favourable impression, and we will definitely be exhibiting next year.

Vladimir Cheremushkin, CEO, CBP Service

- This year we are showing equipment for the production of nonwovens. This equipment is trendy now. It is very much in demand. The most recognisable areas of application are medical masks and materials which are used in the medical and textile industries. This show is a Russian platform for bringing together all professionals to discuss various issues with equipment suppliers and consumers, establish new ties, and get feedback from clients. It is also a place to meet old friends. Inlegmash allows us to find innovative equipment across all sectors of the textile and garment industry, exchange experiences, and make new partners and friends.

Igor Kim, CEO, SportTex

- Inlegmash is a sensation. People are hungry for technology, networking and positive energy after the pandemic and staying at home. I think this is the beginning of a great journey for the exhibition management and all the attendees who are here with us. The exhibition has a great future ahead of it. It is an exhibition of professionals and friends.

Ivan Naumov, Head of Business Development, Shveymash

-  Today is the third day of the exhibition, and we can already say that it was a success. There were very many visitors. Yesterday we already signed two contracts for the supply of sewing equipment to the Tula region, and we also held fruitful negotiations with our partners in Kazakhstan. Inlegmash turned out to be a working exhibition. It brought together the best professionals in the garment and textile industry. We hope that next year we will also be successful and showcase the most advanced machinery.